Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Ways to Green Your Construction Project

As I mentioned in a recent post, trends show that more and more people are demanding green options in their landscape construction projects. Here are a few simple, low cost ways to help make your construction project more environmentally friendly.

1. Use recycled materials- Use reclaimed bricks or blocks to help cut down and waste. You may even get a discount for saving on costs of materials.

2. Think Permeable- Use permeable pavers or concrete when hardscaping to prevent runoff and erosion.

3. Use Native Plants- If you are incorporating plants into your construction project use native plants to cut back on watering and fertilizer needs.

4. Use Lighter Colors- Using colors that have a high SRI (solar reflectance index) will help reduce the heat island effect which can affect our climate. To do this choose lighter colors when installing hardscaping and roofs.

5. Replace Tree- If your project requires the removal of trees, consider replacing the trees with native one planted at a safe distance from your house and other hard structures.

If you need other tips don't hesitate to set up a consultation with us by calling 301-603-1080 or emailing info@greenfutureus.com

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