Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sustainable Tree Service

"OK," you say, "that's a good one. Now you are trying to make cutting down trees green, yeah right."

Well hold on skeptic! While visions of the Lorax may dance in your head and with Earth day and Arbor day just behind us, you may be thinking that cutting down trees is the antithesis of "green." But think again, my Dr. Seuss loving friend, its necessary to trim and even cut trees down at some point. I mean, you don't want dead trees and limbs falling on your house during a storm, do you?

While its important to find a contractor who knows how to safely remove trees, wouldn't it be great if tree service could be done in an Eco-concious way too? Well since a lot of our business comes from tree service, we've tried to implement sustainable tree removal policies. Here are some simple ways we have found to do this:

1. To Trim or Remove: Contact an expert to find out if the tree needs to be removed or if it only needs to be trimmed. You may be able to improve the safety and health of a tree by trimming it instead of removing the whole tree.

2. Make sure trimming is done right: Improper trimming can result in the death of your trees. Avoid topping! Make sure a trained expert is doing the trimming and that the company carries the proper licenses or certifications. In our state, Maryland, the contractor must be a Licensed MD Tree Expert.

3. Recycle: Use a company that recycles wood. Either by donating spare wood to a local lumber yard, using it for firewood or reusing the wood chips as mulch.

4. Don't be afraid to remove dead or diseased trees: If your tree is truly dead or diseased beyond treatment, don't be afraid to remove it! A dead tree is a safety hazard to you, your family and your neighbors.Tree diseases can spread between trees and result in more death and disease. Removal of a diseased tree by a professional, will prevent the unnecessary death of surrounding trees.

5. Re-plant: If you are forced to remove a tree, you can always plant a new tree or two in its place! Many local governments actually require that residents replace trees that they remove. Be an over achiever and replace trees even if it is not required by your jurisdiction.

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