Monday, August 19, 2013

All About Pavers

One of the products we most commonly recommend for hardscaping is pavers. While pavers are a little more expensive than concrete or asphalt, they are often a better investment. Here's why: concrete and asphalt are poured in large slabs so they tend to crack more easily. Changes in the weather, ice and water accumulation cause small cracks in these materials that can become larger over time. In addition, changes in the earth also cause movement and cracks to the large slabs. Pavers are considered a moveable pavement and they are smaller so they tend to adapt to changes in the earth.

Pavers also tend to come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Asphalt and concrete are not warrantied. The labor on pavers can also be warrantied longer because the product tends to last longer.

In addition to their durability, pavers have a more luxurious aesthetic. Since outdoor features have one of the highest re-sale values, you can bet that an investment in pavers will get you a larger return on your investment when/if you decide to resell your home.

If you have sustainability on your mind, permeable pavers also offer a green option that can be used to earn LEED credits. While there is also the option of permeable concrete, asphalt does not have a "green" option available.

For all these reasons, we think pavers are one of the best options out there for hardscaping. Although they are slightly more expensive than concrete or asphalt they are cheaper than natural stone or flagstone and their benefits far outweigh the cost difference.

If you are considering installing a hardscape call us at 301-603-1080 to explore all of your options and to weigh the pros and cons of each.