Thursday, September 22, 2011

Does it make "cents" for businesses to go green?

Does it make sense for businesses to go green? It depends on who you ask and what you're talking about. I've posted before that going green seems to be synonymous with being expensive. People had to suck it up and take a hit financially in order to help protect the environment and practice sustainability. But the truth is, it will cost far more for future generations if we ignore the environment and continue with profit being our top priority.

It seems like the only option to help us move toward a greener future is to find solutions that both help the environment and save money. Lately the economy and job creation has become the main focus of the media. The "green collar jobs" that were supposed to be the darling of the economy ended up looking like more of a boon, since large solar companies that the government had invested in went bankrupt. But in reality, these companies that went under were only a few in a sea of many. Green jobs still have the potential to open new opportunities that create both a sustainable environment and a sustainable economy.

Our company, Green Future Construction, has a vision of this working in the future. Although only a small percentage of our clients are even interested in eco-friendly construction options, we try to educate them on what is available and how certain sustainable options may help save them money: now and over time. For example, using native plants may cost less and save you money on water usage over time, since they are built to survive in this environment without much maintenance.

For big businesses the results of small changes can add up fast. For example, reducing packaging saves companies money and reduces landfill waste at the same time. Little changes add up to big savings for large corporations.

In conclusion it is my belief that the future is making sustainable choices that also make sense economically. Without financial incentives many people and large businesses have no immediate reason to change their operating practices. By focusing on the environment we protect the earth for future generations without sacrificing profits today.